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Well all the help is appreciated, I believe I have 1 male and 2 female gouramis. With the neons could I get 3 black neon and 4 neon and them still be happy or do they have to be the same color? Also I have heard that neons can be hard to keep alive, does the same thing apply to the black neons or are they hardier?
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From what I've read, black neons are generally much hardier than regular neons. They aren't the same species though, so I doubt they would school. You're better off going all regular or all black. Personally, I think the black ones look a lot better.
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Man it's a tough decision, all my fish are already black and white. My plants have more color lol. I like both types of neons so this makes it all the more harder.
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OK, this thread is nothing like what I expected it to be from the subject.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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Another feature to check for when sexing paradise fish is the girth. The females are notably plumper around the middle.

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Keep in mind that paradise gourami are technically sub-tropical fish and should be kept at lower temperatures than the tank mates you are naming...
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Well all the fish are in and appear happy enough. Next to the cories, neons, and gouramis I also got a couple ottos. I can't really do much about the heat it goes up to ~82 during the day so I have the heater set at ~80 so it doesn't drop to much at night. But I didn't realize they were sub-tropical. Every time I get fish I always forget to research something, them being sub-tropical would never have crossed my mind
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