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Pearl gouramis

This is a discussion on Pearl gouramis within the Anabantids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hey so I have just upgraded to a 40 gallon, and am looking at (once I get the funds ) having a school of ...

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Question Pearl gouramis

Hey so I have just upgraded to a 40 gallon, and am looking at (once I get the funds ) having a school of harlequin rasboras (14-15) with a few pearl gouramis as the 'centerpiece' fish.

My question many? does it matter if I get multiple males (aggression issues?) and do I need a specific male:female ratio?
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Pearl gouramis are one of the most peaceful gouramis, and the males will rarely injure each other, though they may spar a bit. However, I recommend having females in the tank with them, as the males will put on their best coloration to show off to them. If you do have females in the tank, have about 2 females per male, so the guys aren't always picking on the same girls. If you only have males, get some plants and stuff so they're not always gonna be competing.
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I would go one step further and suggest you not have more than one male, with one or two females, in a 40g. Have a look at the info in the profile of this fish, click on the shade name Pearl Gourami or you can access the profiles with the second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top. Info on requirements, tankmates, filter, etc.

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