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opaline gourami is very inactive and dark...

my 4 inch opaline gourami and my 3 inch blue always camp at the bottom of the tank in cover and only come out to eat, I reduced the current in the tank and added taller plants, but it does nothing to convince them to come out. my 2 inch gold gourami seems perfectly active, what could be the cause of this? they are housed in a 26 gallon bowfront with a 50% water change once a week, temp 82 degrees with a 2.5 inch rio de para pleco and a 2.5 inch gibbiceps pleco.
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Trichogasters usually swim near the surface so they can take gulps of air. Sometimes the females tend to hide or keep a low profile for the dominant male.
Ure tank might be too small

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I notice my Gold Gourami bullies my two larger blue ones.

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the smallest gold female is most active, the blue is semi active only when theres not movement in the room and still very timid (i think its a female) and the only male is the shyest and never comes out except to eat and gulp air. the reverse order is very interesting. its a pretty densely planted 26 bowfront so i dont think the tank is too small for 3 gouramis.
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Sounds like the gold is bullying. Your tank is TOO HOT @ 82' . oxygen is depleted at that temp, but if you add o2 that depletes co2 which helps your plants, just decreasing the temp is all you should do. I keep my gouramos @ 78' . My gold is most active as well.

PS gouramis darken up when threatened.

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I couldn't edit again so heres my second post. I seen your other post about is my G wasting so i thought i'd mention that a good way to feed a hider is to thaw some bloodworms in tank water pour them near (target feeding) the hiding fish. They fall fast and usually a G cannot resist them. And if you think that they may have parasites i used 1/2 dose of jungle labs-parasite clear without a problem, it saved my honey G.It's safe for plants too.
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