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New Sparkling Gourami!

I stopped by the lfs today for some live bloodworms, and came home with a Sparkling Gourami. I've been thinking about getting them for months, but I've never seen them for sale. So while the owner's son was getting the bloodworms, I happened to glance into a tank and see a Sparkler! I was in a rush, so it's kinda funny that I would have noticed this tank out of the dozens in the store. I was so excited to find them! There was no label on the tank for the gouramis, so I asked him the price when he came back. He was pretty suprised when I pointed the little guy out - thought they had all sold a while back. The gouramis were mixed in with some tetras and other small schoolers, plus a female betta in a pretty large tank, so it was hard to spot him. He sold me one for $1.99, and gave the second to me free. Unfortunatly, the one went belly up on the ride home. :(

So I'm drip acclimating the little guy, and then he'll go in with my female betta in a 5 gallon, for the time being. He seemed to be getting along well with the betta and other gourami at the store, so I don't think I'll have any issues...

I'll post a pic of him once he's in the tank. Now I'll have to think of a name. :D
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Neat fish, huh?
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Ya, he's pretty nifty! He'll probably be moved to a bigger, planted tank eventually.

I can't figure out what killed the other fish so quickly. Within ten minutes he was getting a little wobbly in the bag. Maybe just a bumpy car ride. I've never had any problems with fish from that lfs, it's a really great store - family owned, well maintained, super helpful employees. The owner's son has really helped me out with my 28 gallon, which is my first real tank. The family who owns it actually goes to my church.
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I just looked them up on the web..really pretty!
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post some pics, sounds good, congrats, and sorry for the lost one, its not easy losing a fish, when u love them as much as we do, were addicted...........or at least i am

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