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ok so i messed around with the camera a bit and i think i got a little better pic of the tank itself:

idk you tell me if its any better.
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Of course it is. This picture doesn't look like you were jumping when you snapped the shot.

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lol, for some reason im completely still and then once i click i start doing the worm lol.
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Well, based on your post, you know what size a Blue Gourami (which Gold, Three Spot, Opaline, Lavender, and Platinum Gouramis are) reaches if well cared for: 5 or 5 1/2 inches. However, you're using the inch per gallon rule, which breaks down over about 2". While you might, possibly, be able to house that gourami in a 10 gallon by itself, it will not be happy or healthy. I recommend a tank at least 30, preferably 36 inches long for a fish that size. If you are contemplating a second one, that's pretty much mandatory. Also, my experience with gouramis is that they can be kept solo, in a mated pair, or in a group of 5 or more.

It's the aggression vector thing I've talked about in relation to loaches. With 2 gouramis, aggression flows in 1 direction - strongest to weakest, so a mated pair is the only way to keep the stronger from harassing the weaker to death. With 3 gouramis, aggression flows in 3 directions - not enough to keep the weakest from starving to death as I know from sad experience. With 4 you get 12 vectors of aggression - better, but still not yet safe. However, with 5, you get aggression flowing in 60 directions, which is diffuse enough to ensure that no one will get beaten to death. The formula is Factorial(# of Fish)/2. (Incidentally, this is the same way you can build a governing structure in which no one can be blamed for anything, but I digress).

So I recommend a larger tank. In a 10 gallon, the gourami is going to get cranky and aggressive as it grows, and will be more disease prone.

If that's not possible, then you're kind of stuck. The problem with a smaller cory is that the smaller the cory, the larger the shoal, and the more shoal oriented they are. Pandas like to be in a group of 6 at a minimum, 10 is better. If you could lay hands on some Moth cafish - 2 or 3 - that would solve your janitorial problem with a minimum bioload impact (as you can safely keep 3 moth catfish in a 5.5). A trio of kuhli loaches might work or they might not - again, they prefer larger groups (6+), they can be delicate in my experience, and you have a gravel bottom, whereas they prefer sand or finer gravel.

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wow that kinda sucks since i just got 2 mollies and a snail lol. i do have another 30 gallon and ive read that they only get 4 to 4 1/2 " so well just see how things go wont we? if he gets too large can he coexist with goldfish in my 30?
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well the gourami is giving the other guys a hard time so im setting them up there own 10 gal. im using old gravel so hopefully there shouldnt be too much cycle time
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OK, I've been thinking: There's a flaw in that forumlation I just gave. For it to increase by the factorial/2 would be to imply that the fish would cooperate in aggression, so that, in addition to aggression of the stronger fish against the weaker fish, there would also be aggression of the stronger group vs the weaker group, so that in addition to fish A vs b, we also have fish A,B, and C, vs Fish d,e, and f.

Actually, it turns out to be a straight pythagorean series.

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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i have no idea what that means . i just setup the other 10, it looks ok it has a cave and some spawning grass for some reason? maybe when they have babies theyll like the spawning grass i dont really care i just put it in there. its kind of cycling so ill just leave it overnight and then test it in the morning and probably put the fish in.
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a 3spot gourami gets quite big and would need a bigger tank as it grows. They (3spot, gold, opaline) tend to harrass smaller tankmates.
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Originally Posted by blueblue48
lol thanks alot!
looks like petstmart doesnt feed there fish very well, or hes just a hungry little guy! i fed him just now.
oh youd be surprised lol i have to force myself not to over feed my tank now. the two blues i have eat.. and eat....and eat.... and eat.... if i fed brains instead of flakes/bloodworms id swear they were undead zombie fish.

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