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Mixing Gouramis

This is a discussion on Mixing Gouramis within the Anabantids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I had two flame gourami one of which died recently so I wanted to find a new tank buddy for the one remaining. Found ...

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Old 12-05-2009, 05:36 PM   #1
Mixing Gouramis

I had two flame gourami one of which died recently so I wanted to find a new tank buddy for the one remaining. Found a nice honey gourami that is maybe 20% smaller than the flame. Problem is the larger fish is continually menacing the smaller. Its a community 50 gallon tank with tetras, rasboras danios and the like. Is their anything I can do?

Thanks, Walt
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I have one flame gourami in my community tank, and he is a ver happy camper. In all the reading I've been doing, it seems that male gouramis do not like being in the same tank with each other. A tank divider would solve your problem, or you can return the new one if you don't want to divide.

Are they fighting? Like tearing fins and stuff? Or is it just harmless chasing? If they're getting volent, or the other fish looks like it's in distress, seperate them ASAP.
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Flame gouramis are a color morph of the regular dwarf gourami, where the honey is a different species. Regular DGs are generally not accepting of others and are best kept 1 per tank - even in a 50. Honey gouramis have a much better disposition, IME, and can be kept with others. I too have tried a regular dwarf and a honey (2 to be exact), and ended up seperating them. However, I had no problems with 2 honeys in a 10.

If you want more than 1 DG in your tank, swap out the flame for another honey.
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