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Always with Dwarf Puffers. Petsmart is really clever on the breeding side, but they're corporate point of sales standards are, shall we say, sub-optimal. I mean, their Violet Gobies are always in fresh water. They pack all their female bettas and all of their Dwarf Gouramis into the same 20 gallon cube with like 6" of fish per gallon. Until recently, their male bettas were in half pint cups of methylene blue solution. They sell Pangius Catfish, Red Bellied Pacu, and Silver Tip Sharks, and they only get the adult length right on the Pacus (in tiny print), and, just to make it interesting, they say that the DPs and Bushfish require aquarium salt.

Really burns my biscuits, but at the same time gives me a nice smug feeling of superiority.

Man those little devils can move! I watched them for a day while they acclimated, and they just hung there in the water perfecting their leaf mimicry, but now that they're feeling at home, they zip around pretty good. They use their pectoral fins, which are nearly invisible, and they can move forward or backward with nearly equal facility. I've also noticed that they burp. I guess they use up the air in their labyrinth organ and then belch CO2.

Very cool fish, and much, much prettier than I expected.

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I think petco, petsmart, and petsuppermarket all suck and i have at least 2 of these each within 35 minutes of me. But walmart is the one that really gets me mad. They should not sell any fish let alone pacu and oscars.

But one again


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Nice looking fish and what a beautiful tank!
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I'm thinking about getting a single one of these to go in my 29gal community tank that's currently cycling. I plan on keeping a trio of swordtails to pump out fry in order to keep him happy. The thing is, what sort of minimum fish size do I need to have in order to avoid predation? Will one go after kuhli loaches, kribs, the adult swordtails? Will it be able to snag mid-size danios like purple passions? What about hatchet fish? Sorry for all the questions, but I absolutely need to move at least my kribs into a bigger home and I've always wanted one of these fish. Other sources say that the kribensis might bug the hell out of the bushfish.
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I was advised that in groups of 6 or more, Leopard Ctenos hunt in a pack. With that the case, and the advice I have received to grow out my Bichirs before adding them in, I have reworked the stock list to 2 or 3 Senegal Bichirs, 6 Ctenos, 5 Swordtails (4 Female). The Tank is up and 'scaped, housing 3 dozen feeder guppies and a nice case of ich. Once that settles down, I'll toss in 3 New Ctenos, 3 Old Ctenos, and the swords.

Now, with that stocking, is there anything else I could add? A Shoal of upside down cats (Synodontis nigroventis)? Aside from the swords, I want to keep this West African.

Here's a shot of the tank as of yesterday (I've added some Crypts and some Anubias Barteri I got such a deal on - $5 a plant. Score.)

I've got a nice grove of Hygro to the left, Vals to the right, Swords in the middle, and you can see the ends of 2 of the 8 or so PVC tubes I have tucked in there for Bichir retreats.

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For the record, even fully grown, male swordtails are small enough for a 3/4 grown bushfish to eat (either that or the bichir ambushed it at night). I'll either be putting the male swordtail culls I get from my friend with the 75 gallon livebearer community, or growing out some swortail fry in my rainbowfish tank, leaving the first male that matures, and switching out my big females from the bushfish tank on a rotating basis to get them preggers.

(Incidently, the bushfish made short work of my excess male platies too.)

Logic is only the beginning of wisdom
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