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Question Last Dwarf Gourami Question, I promise

So again, I am fluctuating between gourami species. I know dwarfs are more territorial than pearls or honeys, but they're so beautiful.

Would a mix of dwarfs like 2 females to one male work in a 40g tank? Thanks!

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If you can find dwarf gourami females, you can certainly give it a try. Problem is that they are extremely rare finds, so there isn't a lot of information about keeping them together. Females are not nearly as pretty as the males are. I followed one persons account a couple years ago, who kept a pair in a 40 gallon. The male killed the female.

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Well, there goes that idea...I'm pretty sure I'm either going with a neon DG or a power blue DG and about 30 cardinals... yay

Thanks for all the help! (I will likely need more)

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I had a male and a female together in my 10g at one point and he chased her until she got stuck to the filter intake and died. I did successfully keep three males in a 50 gallon community once. I added them one at a time with a couple weeks between and there was minimal fighting and no injuries. They picked out their territories and left each other alone.
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Interesting, thanks! I'll probably not take the risk and go with one DG. (or pearls)

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I've never kept the bigger guys. The more I read the more I think I got lucky somehow lol
Good luck to you with whatever you choose :D
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