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5 Weeks!

They have big kisser lips now. A couple of them have started to chase the others, I wonder what age they will be before I have a tank full of kissing battles. They started taking flakes over the weekend which is very exciting.
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Awww so cute... Like the mummy!!

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Congrats. Cool and really great pictures. Kissing Gourami are one of my favorite from when I had my larger tanks in my last home. And they can get VERY large. I had one that was slightly OVER 13". She was one of my first fish.
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Wow, 13" is huge! I'm so excited that I was successful raising these guys. It has been a great experience so far.

There must be something in the water here because my african dwarf frogs just mated and I now also have 25 tiny tadpoles. I've had fish all my life, but until now I've never had anything but live bearers breed.
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The fry are looking great! Some of those pics look like POTM (photo of the month) to me!

Approximately how many do you think you still have? They look great!

small fry,

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Thanks small fry.

It's hard to tell how many I have... lots! I'm guessing it's around 100, hopefully I can find homes for them all once they get a little bigger.

I tried to enter a picture for the contest but it says I need to have at least 25 posts first and I'm just short of that. If I don't make it this month I will definitely have a picture in the contest next month.
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They did it again! I woke up Friday morning to a tank full of eggs.

I took about 100 eggs and put them in my 10g ADF tank. I really don't have the time or money to set up another tank to house this batch of fry. I figure they have a much better chance of living in the frog tank than they do in their parent's tank or in the tank I'm raising the last batch in.

An update on the last batch:
They are all between one and two inches now and growing. I've sold 30 of them to a LFS for a dollar a piece in store credit, although the owner has been giving me more money off my bills than that. He says he would like to take the rest of them as well, but can only take about 10 a month. I think I have between 60 and 80 left so it will be a few more months before I have sold them all- but I've been enjoying watching them grow.
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Very cool story and awesome pics. Good luck with them all.
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