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Killer Gourami

Hello I just introduced a opaline gourami into my tank that already had a gold gourami, both being males. The gold is constantly attaking the opaline. Can I expect this to stop soon or are they bad tank mates, thanks for the help.
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In this situation, I am assuming that all three are males are and competing for their "territory." What size tank do you have? What else is in the tank? More info will help a lot.
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I have a 30 gallon tank with 1 rainbow shark, 1 gold gourami (male), 2 giant danios, 4 zebra danios and some live plants
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Usually territoriality problems get worse, not better. You can try removing both of the problem fish, rearranging all of the decor, adding the opaline gourami back first, then adding the gold back later. It's not a guarantee though, and if fighting continues you may have to remove one of the two fish.

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Hate to say it but you don't have room for both the gold and the opaline in a 30 gallon tank. They will get to about 5-6" and there just isn't enough territory in a 30 gallon for both of them.

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Thanks for the input, I gave the opaline away to a friend. They are really cool fish and I think I'd like another, would a female work out?
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generally in tanks smaller than 55 gallons it isn't a good idea too add more than one per tank because they will fight for territory and there won't be enough places for the weaker one to hide and unless placed in a different aquarium it will soon perish.
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