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Post Gouramis with Platys and a Bolivian Ram

I am getting ready to transfer a betta to a smaller tank, from a 20gal to a 10gal and I'm thinking about adding a Gourami to the 20gal, but I'm curious if there are any that would get along with the platys and bolivian I have in the tank right now. While I wouldn't mind a Blue Gourami, but my main concern is it going after the ghost shrimp I have in there after it gets big enough to eat them, so I'm also thinking about something smaller like a Pearl or Dwarf Gourami. Any suggestions?
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First, you don't want any of the gourami's that get over three inches. Too big unless it's alone in the tank.

Next...well, most will get along with those types of fish. However, it does depend a lot on both your gourami, and your ram. Some wont get along. I had a pair of three-spots with a pair of German Blue rams(I do not recommend three-spots or pearls for a twenty gallon unless kept without other fish, any gourami that can hit four or more inches needs 30+ gallons for a community or pair), platies, swordtails and mollies in a 55 gallon tank. Never had an issue with them. Depends on the size of the fish, the temperament, and space. How many platies do you have? More than four or so and it's probably pushing it...you may be able to get away with a dwarf or honey gourami though! =) They tend to be pretty peaceful...however often don't get along with other gouramis. Provided they don't mistake the ram for another gourami, or the ram mistakes them for an intruder, should be ok. Especially if you have a lot of hiding places in the tank. The more secure they feel, the less likely problems will be to occur.

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4 platys, two different kinds, and they and the ram get along fine, as well as with the betta, which should give a pretty good clue on how well they get along with new fish. I wouldn't mind buying a Chocolate Gourami, but they cost almost $12 and not sure if they'll be worth the risk. I guess I might be better off buying a dwarf gourami or two, maybe both of a different variety like a Flame and a Powder.
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I should have jumped in earlier, but I would suggest getting a trioof pigmy gouramis like Croakers or Sparkling. Neat little fish that are not aggressive and don't get over 2".
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Forgot totell you that Chocolate Gouramis are very difficult fish to maintain and don't acclimate well. I'd guess 80% sold are dead in three months. They need heavy floating plant cover and tankmates that don't compete as they are easil intimidated. The platys would likely stress it so badly it would not feed.
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Gouramis with Platys and a Bolivian Ram

Agreed, stay away from chocolates, as well as 3 spots and pearls. Go with a dwarf gourami or (better yet) honey gourami, or the smaller sparkling or croaking gouramis.

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I thought I deleted this. Anyway, moved the betta into the 10g, and has 6 harlequin rasboras, if I can find all them, in with it. The 20g, I've just added 5 kuhil Loaches, which adds the total to 6, and 6 glowlight tetras, so right now I think I'm at my limit, even though I have plenty of plants now. I might order a dwarf gourami if I think I have the room, but only if I end up ordering from Liveaquria and I need to fill in a gap for their minimum purchase requirements, like for I need to fill the bottom of my 10g.
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