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Gouramis acting wierd

I have 4 opalines and 3 golden gouramis and there behaviour has changed. They dart to the surface and splash instaed of there usual coasting up there. Rapid gill movement and they just float about sometimes resting on things. There are not off there food and all of the other fish in the tank are perfectly fine and normal.
A little imformation would be quite nice on this please.
This has started from today, i did alot of maintainance in the tank yesterday and a 50% water change. Water perameters have been checked and are the same as normal

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im not sure why your fish are acting weird it sounds like it could be a few things possibly the ph might be to high of ammonia levels might be high or even high nitrite and when fish dart around or scrape them selves I did not here you say that they scrape them selves but even darting might be ick or velvet or some other type of parasites im not sure if those things might be the problem but it wont hurt to test your waters ph, ammonia, & nitrite some in my opinion and experience I always use aquarium freshwater salt 1 teaspoon per gallon it seems to help sick fish and improves gill function but if you use the salt don't add more for water top off just add the amount of salt back in when you do water changes I hope I was able to help.
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Any chance you could post a video?

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