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Gourami in community

I am pretty new to aquariums, having just been given a 15 gal one. I've done some reading and was thinking of the following community mix: 2 dwarf gouramis / 6 fancy guppies / 1 albino cory cat. Is this too many fish? Not enough? Will they live together peacefully? Any advice always welcome - Thanks.
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Well.....For the Gouramis...they can be a little agressive.
For the Guppies Get 2 Male and 4 Female.
(that means a ratio of 1 male to 2 female)(Preferably 1 male to 3 Female but you only want 6.)

And the Cory's Like to be in Groups of 3 or 4.....so dont get just 1.
(even though there are some dumb workers at the Lfs that might say it is fine.)

Anybody feel Free to Correct me if I am wrong.
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I don't see you having problems with agression from the gourami towards the guppies.
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That sounds like a fair to middlin' tank. On the guppies: Unless you can steel yourself to euthanize the fry on a fairly regular basis (or have a spare tank to grow them out and return them to the LFS), stick with all males or all females. I've got guppies in 6 tanks at the moment - 3 cycling, 1 display, 2 where fry put in as feeders escaped long enough to grow. In the display tank and two of the cycling tanks, it's all males. They get along just fine. So, in a 15 gallon, a half dozen nice males would be fine (or get a male and a pair of females, let them breed once, return the females to the LFS, grow out the fry, and keep the best 6 males).

As for the cory, while I myself would not keep a single cory, there are those here who would argue that it is not ecessary to keep them in a group. Some cories kept singly will get used to it and thrive. Some won't. You won't get natural behavior, but with fish from Southeast Asia, Trinidad, and the Amazon Basin, you're not going to get natural behavior anyway.

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I agree with Matt, the dwarf gourami i had in my tank started to attack my elephantnose fish and although they lost every time they just wouldn't give up, so i had to remove them. I also think that 1 cory is too little, i reckon a group of 4 would allow them to be more happy.

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when your guppies breed, dont do anything to the fry, if you want them to survive, place a lot of plants in the tank, if you dont want them to survive, place a small amount of plants, return the surviving fry to the lfs.
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