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sorry i havent been able to get a picture as of yet, however im certain its not dropsy (i had a giant danio once who got it and il always be able to spot it from now on). catfishtabbbi it was the gourami not the angel that died. i gues a 50% may have been abit excessive but he was starting to act weird before i even did the change also he had plenty of tall plants that he could have claimed as his own. I dont actualy have carbon in my filter. :S
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I see, yes dropsy is easy to spot when you've experienced before, this I can relate to. Hmm....well reading around a little more I'm also leaning towards some type of bacterial infection....I hear lots treating with Aquari-sol or Maracyn-2....try one of those? Not so experienced in the medical area, had very few sick fish.
I wouldn't say 50% is extensive at all, especially when removing medicine. Whats important is the way you go about it. Using a gravel vac(even without vacing the gravel)is less stressful on the fish and far easer then just scooping water out IME&O. It wouldn't be that big of a shift for the fish.
Its possible the Gourami contracted whatever disease you have and not been able to fight it due to the stress of the new environment.......its difficult to tell, but I think thats the most likely scenario. Anyway, get some pics of your Angel when you can and keep us posed
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yeah i do use a gravel vac whilst changing water, the antibacterial i used was called triple sulfa broad spectrum.

these are the pictures i got, sorry about the poor quality. i had to use my camera phone and the little bugger wouldn't hold still for 2 seconds

*edit* maybe i should have moved this to the cichlid section
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Wow, good pics for a phone!
Anyway, that definitely doesn't look good...I never heard of those meds so I don't know anything about them....but I'd try one of the ones I mentioned before now instead if I were you.
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thanks for the help dragonfish, il continue on with the medication i have for the moment, if nothing changes il try the ones you mentioned
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Alright, I wish you the best of luck Definitely let me know how it goes.
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