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Do I have a male or a female gourami?

I've had this lil guy for 6 months, and always assumed he was a boy because of his size and flamey color. He never took the typical dark-bellied male color but I assumed it was because he doesn't have a girlfriend to show off to. I really want to give it a mate, so I need to be sure of the sex first! So what do you think?

Also, is there a 'flawless' way to sex honey gouramis? I bought this one as a pair and had to rehome the other one because they were of the same sex. I tried giving it a mate again later and made the same mistake (this time the fish guy helped me choose...). I really don't have another place to rehome the fish if I mess up again!

Anyway here's the pics

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That is a male. Look at the point on his dorsal fin. Females have rounded dorsal fins.
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What size tank is your gourami in right now?...........With gouramis i wouldnt try to keep more than one in any size tank, as they mature ( as your is) they become very territorial and usually dont do well with another of the same species, i think you might have had a female before and the aggression shown is typical of any gourami species......Are you positve what you have is a honey gourami?.......To me he looks a little large for a honey gourami,IMO...
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What plant is that in the water surface?
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That definitely seems to be a male. The main way to identify it is by the dorsal fin. If it has a point then most likely a male and if it is rounded then a female.

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The plant is an Hydrocotyle sp.
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he has a honey gourami -- they are usually called honey or sunset gourami.

I have two of them in my 90 and they are kind to each other -- since they grew up when they were babies.

I have a loner yellow dwarf as well.

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sorry I had stopped checking this thread after a while.

Well you were right Fishin Pole, I asked around and what was sold to me as an honey gourami is actually a thick-lipped gourami of the red sort. Now I wonder if finding him a girlfriend is wise since he is bigger than I thought he was and I only have a 33 gal with other fishes to house them!
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