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Whoa whoa alright guys thanks for the answers! By bigger fish I meant "Larger than cardinal tetras" really...maybe like swordtail or platy size.

I'm definitely not putting another gourami in there besides another female pearl. (Just out of curiosity, would adding two female pearls for a total of 4 pearls be alright in this tank? It is quite over filtered because it used to be a fancy goldfish tank).

I'll look at male they have any tendency to fight aggressively with each other?
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Companions for Pearl Gourami

I had no trouble with 5 in my 45. 1m and 4f. I wouldn't do more than 4 in your tank though.

The swords might squabble from time to time but shouldn't be anything requiring intervention on your part.
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Here's a thought - When I was in high school, I bred Pearl Leeris in a 15 gallon tank. Breeding bubble-nest builders can be a fun thing to do.

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Originally Posted by jimscott View Post
Here's a thought - When I was in high school, I bred Pearl Leeris in a 15 gallon tank. Breeding bubble-nest builders can be a fun thing to do.
I think it's best we stay on subject and help the OP with their specific questions. You however can start your own thread on your breeding experiences. I'm sure we all would enjoy hearing your fishkeeping experience
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