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can i get 2 female dwarf honey gouramis?

Hi I've got what I think are two male dwarf honey gouramis cos they both look the same colouration wise, dark honey with blue/black under fins. I was told but the shop that I was getting a male and female. So I was wondering can I get two female dwarf honeys? will they get along ok? I'm not sure what the female/male ratio should be for these fish.

Also I've read when they reproduce the females should be removed is this cos the male become aggressive towards them protecting the eggs? I'm not really to concerned if they eat the eggs (as long as they don't want to dip toastie solders in them :o)) just don't know if it's a good idea to get females but I want to get more honeys cos I think they'll feel more comfortable in the tank if they're in a bigger group (not that much bigger granted), they're a little shy - but maybe that's just the nature of the fish.

I've only got 2 corys and was told to get more of them instead but they are very playful together, always out and about and really don't seem the least bit bothered they're not in a big group I think it may be a case of two's company and three or mores a crowd with these two ;o)

Hoping there are some gouramis experts out there...
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hi been reading other post on honeys on net and site, really unsure now whether to get any females. My 2 males are very happy with eachothers company swimming about together, although they chill out at opposite side of the tank under shelter. I'm wanting to get more but if adding a couple of females is going to cause aggression then maybe I should stick to just the two males or get another male, guess I just want more they're so pretty and good to watch :o).
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Hi, sorry i'm not really sure about the gouramis, because I've never owned any personally.
But I do know for a fact that your cories need more than each others company to be happy. Corydoras are shoaling fish, and even though it isn't evident now of their anxiety to "swim with their fellow fishies", You will most likely experience a catastrophic problem abit later on in their lives because of the segregation from the shoal.
I am almost 100% sure that two honey gouramis can co-exist peacefully, although dont qoute me on that

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hi thanks for your advice, I've found out honeys are best with one male and lots of females or a pair, which is what I should have got :( but they're pretty fish and seem happy enough.

So I'll take ur advice and go for more corys do you think 5 will be ok I've only got a 63l tank - 30cm, 35cm, 60cm

other fish:

5 cardinal tetras (lost 1)
3 cherry barbs
2 honeys

3 cherry shrimp
4 pinocio shimp

+ a few unwelcome snails :o) which I'm trying to get rid of

Also any advice on the tetras? they group together when changing water or doing stuff with tank, but quite often they seem happy to swim in pairs, alone should I get more - just aware that I could be over stocking tank.

I've got an airstone in tank and I change water weekly, clean bottom of excess food 2 times a week.
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hi got 4 corys - think it'll be ok, they're doing good so far - sticking together. The two original corys are keeping their distance at the mo but it's only been 30 mins. So hopefully they'll get along ok. Keep you posted.
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Im pretty sure its the fins that show the difference in sex more so than color. Males have a pointed dorsal fin while the females have a rounded dorsal fin. Females are also much fatter (unless they are underfed, which is not uncommon in a pet store because fish usually come and go fairly quickly so no one bothers feeding them). Im pretty sure it is the dorsal fin though, if not try the bottom fin (ventral right?).

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Good work on the Corys although a few more definitely wouldn't hurt...
The teras group together for a sense of security like they would in the wild... This is normal, especially when a giant tube is being stuck in your area sucking the water out of the tank that YOU'RE in.
A few more tetras wouldn't hurt either, maybe 4-5 more? you aren't over stocked at all, but saying that... you don't need to be at the limit to have a beautiful tank. Sometimes less is more.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.
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Personally, i think ure male chuna's are both bored. I have 3 pair of colisa chuna in my smallest tank, and its a pleasure watching the males dancing ard the females in order to lure them to ''their" corner of the tank. Its as if they are standing on their anal fin and samba ard the hypnotised female. My advice, if u want a lively tank, is to go for two females.
U have to be careful tho, cos when males are scared or stressed (always the case when u buy them), they take on the coloration of the female. "real" females can be told apart from "fake" ones, cos they have a stripe running over their body from head to tail, a little bit darker than the rest of their body.

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Hi thanks for all ur responses. I think I'll stick with the 6 corys the four new ones are quite happy together and the two bigger ones will swim with them but tend to chill out by themselves as they did b4.

chunna's is that the name for dwarf honey gouramis? if so I would agree - they are content enough but I like to have male and female as well cos that is how it should be. but I've been researching and it can cause problems in a relatively small tank to have more than one male, unless anyone can tell me otherwise. I suppose I could get 2more females but really don't want to overstock the tank.

yeah it isn't surprising they group together when the tank's cleaned - It did occur to me that maybe I've got all male cardinals and they all need their own personal space :oD I think I'll stick with the 5 they're aren't threatened at all by their tank mates even swim with the cherries just as much as with eachother so I think they're fine .

thanks again and any further advice about the dwarf honeys will be greatly appreciated
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I'll try to get a pic. of the honeys although my camera's not great and that may help confirm I've got 2 males I'm pretty sure I have though.
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