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Blue Garoumi and Honey Garoumi

I have 8 gallon tank with 9 Tiger Barb, 1 Honey Garoumi and 1 Blue Garoumi. I have setup my tank from last 1 month going good. But what I am looking is that my Blue Garoumi is getting aggressive towards my Honey Garoumi due to that my honey garoumi is hiding behind filter then also some time blue garoumi go to filter try to get him out and run behind him.

What Can we do for this ?? Can we do something that can go together and we can diverse their mind in something. Please advise me as i feel very petty towards honey fish.
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I think alot of the problem has to do with the size of the tank. an 8 gallon tank is VERY small for all of those fish independently let alone all together. its just too much fish for too small of a space :\

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I would have to agree. My dwarf gourami was always aggressive towards my other tank mates even with sufficient hiding spots. With blue gourami's I'd suggest one per tank unless you have a larger tank like a 30 long with a lot of hiding spots.

I only have a 10 gallon and I wouldn't even consider two gourami's in it. My gourami even seemed to enjoy bullying my diamond tetras around.
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