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View Poll Results: Do you believe it is right to keep a Betta Fish in a very small bowl?
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Unhappy Betta's are not meant for cups.

Betta Fish are now somehow managed to become ornaments in rooms in houses. They have been portrayed as they only need cup and are fine. Just because they can live in a cup doesn't mean you should its very cruel. I also have heard people say they can live off a plant for a month. well from what I have read they can't really live off a plant for a month they can just go a long time with out eating so you are pretty much starving them only feeding them every so often. Its just very sad and below is a link to a petition against this.
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jus do to the fact that they can be sustained in a small aquarium and not die doesnt mean they like small bowls
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Its a simple supply and demand...............If people would stop purchasing them, they wouldnt be breeding them and selling them in cups...........Its a double edge sword problem that will never be resolved...........I agree, the cups and half gallon tanks you see them in is just cruelity IMO.......
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The thing that I don't understand is why people can't think for themselves. I distinctly remember being a young child and going into Petco and seeing the bettas in cups and the puny containers that they want you to buy and thinking that something was wrong there. No joke, I thought "I'm sure that they need more room to swim than THAT! How can anything be happy in there!" I always thought that they were sad looking fish too just because that is the only way that I saw them. Obviously, I am now a betta addict and I now know what bettas really are...but seriously people get a brain. If a 5 yr old can figure out that something isn't right how can older people just accept it...don't they have a conscience?

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