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betta and pearl gourami questions

I woul like to add a betta and or a pearl gourami to my 29 gal. Would a betta get along with a female pearl gourami? I would like to have both species if feasible.Could I keep a male betta in my community tank? because I know u can with females, but I like the males finnage better. Since they are both anabantids, would the be aggressive to eachother?
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1. Pearls are social fish and do best in groups, 1m and 2 females.

2. I wouldnt put a male betta with another anabantid.

3. Male bettas do great in community tanks. As long as you dont have any nippy things or anything.

4. There will probably be aggression.

Also pearls love planted tanks. If you have all fake decor, no plants, and a bright substrate (natural or black is best), than a pearl gourami is not best.
What else is in the tank?
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Technically, yes you can considering they are both classified as "passive" fish. However, in my experience it is very hard to get a peaceful Gourami when it comes to the larger part of the family (non- dwarf). I could tell you my sad and terrible story about my Pearl Gourami, but other people and tankman12 have proved that it is possible to get peaceful Pearls. Actually the most peaceful Gourami that I've had was a Kissing Gourami! Most aggressive would be Blue Gourami, and unfortunately, Pearl.

My biggest dream is to someday have Water Sprite!

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Okay thanks! i guess im going to have to get a betta or 3 pearls. Tankman, i have all natural colored silk plants and my gravel substrate is also a natural mix of browns. i have 4 adult platies, 3 platy fry, 2 african dwarf frogs, and 2 cories (my third recently dissapeared :( )
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Well i would change your stock slightly.
4 platies
3 platy fry
5 adfs (very social)
6 cories of the same type (schooling fish)
1 betta

IME pearls get a little big for a 29.
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