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best gourami for community tank

I was wondering what the best type of gourami would be for a community tank with peaceful live bearers

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That depends on the size of the tank. If you have at least a 20L then Pearls are the way to go. For smaller tanks pigmy like croakers are sparklings are great and you ca have several. You may also consider a group of female bettas of different colors. 3 in a 10 Gal 6-8 in a 20H or 20L.
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*Never keep less than 5 females (bettas) together, and make sure that the tank the females is heavily planted. (AKA: you can't see the other side of the tank.) Even then, females are aggressive and prone to problems in a sorority, so be prepared to have backup tanks if it doesn't turn out! * Many betta keepers firmly believe that sorority is for experienced betta keepers only. They are a hit or a miss, they will be fine for many months, years ect... and then one day the tank dynamics change like a snap.

Like above, depending on the size and the current stock of the tank. Pearl gouramis are usually a firm favourite by many, especially in a larger tank. Some of the dwarf gouramis - like the dwarf gourami, sparkling, honey.
Other fish for a large tank could include three spot (and numerous varieties) and pearl gouramis. Most of the time these are mellow, but some have reported that some individuals can be slightly aggressive.
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I wont be getting betas since females are uncommon where i live and i have not had them very long. i do like the pearl gouramis.
My tank is 40 gallons so would two to three pearl gouramis be ok in that size of tank.
I also recently saw some opaline gouramis, are they peaceful? and if so how many in in the tank? (I only want one species of gourami int he tank)

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Pearls are a great choice - I kept them for several years in tanks from 45-125 gallons. Most people have good luck keeping them in groups but sometimes things don't work as they should. They are smaller and much less aggressive than the 3 spot (opaline) gouramis - I would not go that route in a tank of your size, unless you wanted to just get 1 of them. Opaline is just one of several color morphs of the 3 spot gourami.

There are some other less available species that would be a good fit, but none are as nice and as beautiful as pearls in my opinion. I would do a pair in a tank of your size - they would make a very nice centerpiece for your tank.

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Thx that helps cleat things up.
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sry i meant clear things up.

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