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So I have a HUGE list of coldwater fish, but I narrowed them down to the general fish and need to know if they are compatible or not, here they are:


- Chub
- Minnow
- Sunfish
- Dace
- Loach
- Shiner
- Darter

Other animals

- Ramshorn snail
- Ghost shrimp
- Dwarf Mudpuppy

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for community friendly,
-some are community friendly provided the other tank-mates look different (territory/competition instincts kick in)
-some are species specific
-others are open to everything (provided they won't get eaten or eat other fish)

snails, be carefull as what was 5 turns into 1000 before you know it, and without anything to eat the snails you'll always have 1000+

loaches, are usually community friendly

the smallest loaches i know of that will eat snails that are community friendly and not on the endangered species list, the zebra loach, adult size 4" ... don't get a clown loach as they reach 16", ... unless you have a tank large enough, (150 gallon or larger)

the other fish i'd have to look up and don't know anything about by heart

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Originally Posted by Squatchmen
@Chesh - The criteria that I'm using while digging around? Nothing. HAHAHA. . .
. . .all I have to do is pick which ones and than look up their requirements
*giggle* You're doing this BACKWARD from the way I would!!! FIRST get the requirements, then find the fish to match!!!

You *think* you've narrowed your list down, buuuuut. . . hrm.

. . . there are many, many fish that fall into each category you have listed here, and from fish to fish the differences can be huge! I'm not the best (okay maybe the worst!) when it comes to fishy classification, so consider this as an example to try to get you to understand (and forgive any errors). . . a super easy example to pick off your list is "Minnow"

There are literally THOUSANDS of different species that can be referred to as minnows! I think true minnows are members of the cyprinid family - but so are daces, at least some chubs and shiners - along with so many others - so many that it isn't even worth trying to name them all, and many members of this group are found commonly enough in the fish shop! I'm pretty sure cyprinids is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) fishy families there are! Soooooo :/ Just saying 'minnow' isn't really saying very much, unfortunately.

Do you happen to know which fish you're referring to specefically? I can help you to check and see if it will be okay for your setup, but you need to narrow this down to one or two specific fish minnows, loaches, darters, etc. While you're looking them up and getting names, take a few to look into their requirements - how large do they grow? What temperature water are they comfortable in? Most of the time you'll find a minimum tank size listed for the species, too.

If I were you, I'd spend a bit of time digging through our freshwater fish profiles. You should easily be able to verify the basic requirements of many of the fish you're looking into - and to be honest, most of them will likely to be crossed off the list with very little research.

Again, back to the criteria! You need some, or you'll NEVER get anywhere!!! So think about what you want from this particular tank, and as you read through the profiles, take note of the specifics, for example, keep your eyes opened for this type of information:

* Max Size: is this fish small enough to comfortably live out it's life in a 10 gallon tank (20" x 10" x 12" L/W/H)
* Temperature requirements: Does this fish fit into the temperature range you have chosen for this tank (BWG has posted saying that 64-72F is considered 'subtropical,' which I think is what you are going for with this particular tank?)
* Water hardness: Even if you're willing to shift water paramaters, it's easiest to go with animals that will do well in the water you have in-tap already
* Social Requirements: Does this fish need to be kept in a group (if so, how many to a minimum group, and can you keep a group in a tank this size). Is this fish best kept alone, species-only?
* Aggression: Will this fish do well in a community with other types of fish, or will it need to be kept alone
* Dietary requirements: Some fish require live foods, or only eat algae - be sure to pay attention to this!
* Water flow: Does this fish come from a rushing river, or the calmer waters of a lake? This will make a very big difference on how you set up this tank, and what animals are able to live here - mixing the two will lead to unhappy fish. . . !

This is really just a quick list written down to help give you an idea of the kinds of things you need to be paying attention to - I'm sure I've forgotten some! But if you keep these in mind as you search through the profiles, you'll hopefully begin to narrow your list down to a few possible candidates - and from there, we can better help you based on our own experiences and understanding of these fish in particular. . .

Hope that helps??!
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