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Wow, 3 posts in a row - I'd really like a reply after I make this one, but anyway, this is what I've come up with for today's research. It's mostly just the ground work, the foundation, I can always add stuff to what I already looked up....or get rid of stuff.

Freshwater Arctic Nano Biotope

Moss / Driftwood / Rock

Dirt, clay, sand or gravel (substrate)

River rock, slate, lava rock

Suggestions on type of Driftwood (?)

Calliergon Giganteum (plant)

- Northern Leatherside Chub
- Two-horned sculpin
- Lake chub
- Ninespine stickleback
- Slimy sculpin
- Spoonhead sculpin
- Threespined stickleback
Other animals

- Wood frog
- Siberian Salamander
- Lymnaea Elodes
- Murray crayfish
- Callinectes sapidus
- Northern map turtle

So yeah, that's it - I kind of decided I want 7 critters in it, mostly the fish, and then the rest is filler space.

On a side note, I know I have amphibious animals on the list, but I would like this biotope to be 100% aquatic.

So feedback - I need it, please
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@Chesh - You can change the title, and whatever else you need to change to reflect my change for this concept, most definitely

So you're saying, when we (or just me) find out the specific fish/animals I would could possibly have, the stock list will basically show itself, because of those specific needs the fish and or animal has to have, got it

Yeah I have room for a QT tank and the 3 nano tanks...... *whispering* barely (lol)

I have a couple of advanced fish in my big tank, namely rams, but ok for the plankton, when it gets closer to actually doing the project I'll let you know

I can do plants, but I would like it to be at a minimum, I mean I don't want a heavy planted tank, but I can put some plants here and there, yeah. Also I need to find more arctic aquatic plants other than the moss I found.....

I can most certainly do a paludarium! But can only be for my Estuary tank....... haha

So BWG - he's the guy that COULD potentially help me the most? Sweet!

Lastly, I can't find a way to edit my original post, I'm brandy new to this site, so forgive me, also, I would LOVE to have bio-luminescent plankton in my marine tank

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Actually I've been watching since your first post, but you told me to hustle so here I am.

My first bit of advice is that you really have to dial back on your expectations. You're excited I get that. I promise you though that neither species of ram is all that advanced. Your idea of 3 ten gallons with different looks and fish is doable (and kind of awesome!), but that's as far as I'll go.

You keep saying artic, which I take to mean cold water. How do you intend to achieve that? Chillers are costly pieces of equipment. Subtropical is going to be much easier to achieve.

Where are you planning to get the fish you listed? I don't know what state you are in so don't know if they are present AND legal to catch.

Many of the things you have listed so far get too large. You only have a 10 gallon. A blue crab for instance can reach a width of 9 inches!

What is the insistence with 7 fish per aquarium? I could easily stock more than that in a freshwater 10. I know very little about saltwater, but I'll be amazingly surprised if anyone can name 7 tropical saltwater fish that will be fine together in a 10 gallon.

I could design more than 3 ten gallon freshwater biotopes for you, but honestly with all criteria it's just impossible.
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I'm going to go through your 'arctic' fish list (of which most you list are temperate fishes). I'm not trying to be a party-pooper. I'm just being realistic.

Northern Leatherside Chub --> entirely too large for a 10 gal. Typical size for this species is 8.5cm. A 10 gal is 25 cm wide. Chubs (like most cyprinids) are shoaling fish meaning they like groups of more than 6 fish. It's a common trend with small fish.
Two-horned sculpin --> not actually a freshwater species. While this is a true polar species, it's marine.
Lake chub --> Same issue with other chub. This fish gets 10.5cm long and should be in groups.
Ninespine stickleback --> Might actually be small enough for a 10 gal at 6.5 cm, but judging from distribution data this is probably an estuarine species that can move back and fourth between fresh and salt.
Slimy sculpin --> another species that travels between fresh and brackish, so likely an estuarine species. Would be pushing it in a 10 gal with a length of 7.5cm.
Spoonhead sculpin --> Length might actually work in a 10 gal as it averages 6cm, but this species appears to need high flow as it inhabits fast flowing streams. Good unidirectional flow is difficult to accomplish in a 10 gal.
Threespined stickleback --> Snother estuarine species. Averages 5.1cm so probably the most viable of the list for a 10 gal. However, I cannot speak to it's conspecific requirements like I can for the chubs.

BWG brings up another good point. How are you going to acquire all of these fish? Some are from the central US, others are coastal Europe (which incidentally also means it's not a biotope).

If you are really interested in temperate (cool-water) species, I highly recommend you check out the profiles on this site: Biology and Captive Care - Captive Care

My personal choice for a 10 gal temperate tank would be darters that don't need a lot of flow like johnny darters or swamp darters. Honestly, darters are some of my favorite temperate fish, but a lot of them require high flow which is more easily attained in longer tanks.
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Sitting by the koi pond

writings on fish and fishkeeping

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@BWG - Ahhhh, I don't want to dial back, and thanks, it will be awesome

Well I need to look up the chillers, and I keep saying Arctic, because I mean Arctic - it's freeze your bottom off cold - than my Estuary tank is subtropical/temperate - My Marine tank is going to be purely Tropical.......Hmmmm, I'm thinking - If I wanted to, I COULD dial back a smidgen and have my "Arctic" freshwater tank be a 50/50 being a little bit of arctic fish and a bit of temperate fish. Than I would like my Estuary tank to be MOSTLY just temperate fish, and then my Marine tank could be 50/50 of temperate and tropical fish......I'm just throwing it out there. I need feedback, what could I sacrifice a little for to get more of - how would you do it?

Well I live in NJ (USA) and I knew to begin with that the cold water fish would be hard to get, I know that a whole lot of tropical fish are really easy to get a hold of.

Well yeah, I threw in a few of those that I knew would be too big, I don't know why I even put them on the list, I know the turtle couldn't work..... C'mon, I'm pretty sure those fish can be just fine in a 10gal, I hope

It doesn't have to be 7 fish, it's whatever that can be justified in a 10gal, I just picked 7 because it just felt right (I dunno)

You really could design all three? Wow, that'd be awesome


@thekoimaiden - Damn Wikipedia, Y U NO TELL TRUTH!!!!!!

Alright, well what other kinds of true freshwater arctic fish are there, if most of mine are temperate?

Thanks for the link

I am interested in temperate fish, but for my freshwater tank, I'd really, really like it to be true arctic......so I need true freshwater arctic species that are really small and can fit in a 10gal tank

Thanks for the Darter fish, they look really sick!

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10 gallon tanks, could start looking at 1" fish (adult size), these are hard to find as our aquarium fish are rarely rated /listed by size, ... there are not many 1" fish, shrimp are an option

dwarf puffer fish are an option if you want snail, snail are then live food to the puffer fish, they are territorial, so at best a breeding set, i've heard 1 per 5 gallons, i stayed away from these as they are reported to be single species tank type fish, the otto. can work (another small fish) because it's very quick to get out of the way. the dwarf puffers are also reported to have lots of personality, which can be fun, but you'll only have a couple in 10 gallons

could look at the otto itself, ottocyclis,

green neon tetra, other tetras range from 1", and larger
nothing against the traditional neon tetra at 10 gallons, but the market is taking it's toll on them genetically, they getting unhealthy deformities due to bad breeding practices by some... also larger than an inch

celestial pearl danio looks nice, new to the hobby, so healthy, hard part is finding them, 1" in size, good enough for 10 gallons.

1" fish are out there, but again, our fish are not rated by size anywhere i've seen (i've looked lots, and lots more, not sorted by size anywhere) but this is what your looking for at 10 gallons. there are not many 1" fish, but they are out there :)

thekoimaiden brings up a good point
the fish i mentioned are small, i have no idea about there swimming behaviors or water current preferences
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Just stopping in with another random thought from the peanut gallery. . .

As far as biotopes are concerned, one of my FAVORITE types (that unfortunately I see very little of) are local ones. >.< Several of our members (including some of the commenters on this thread ;)) are fairly familiar with the native fish that live in your (our!) area. I have no idea, personally, if there is anything woObie enough to fit into a 10g tank, but would you consider doing a temperate local setup if it proves possible?

Just curious, cuz' *I* think that would be fun ! ^__^
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Some good points, Flear. . . shrimp WOULD be ridiculously awesome (and active), and there are a lot of 'specimen fish,' like the (omg adorable!) dwarf puffers that would be perfect~ ^_^

But Squatch - these aren't arctic animals, and how opposed are you to shifting your ideal of many creatures in one small tank, to just one or two - but super cool - critters? >.<

Nothing wrong with a bustling community tank, they're gorgeous to watch (you know this, you have one already!) - but there is a certan charm that comes with tanks that cater to the needs of one specefic animal, too. When you're talking about biotopes. . . you have the option of getting far more specific when you're building a tank to reflect the habitat of only one or two creatures. . .

lol, just a few more idle thoughts. :)

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@Flear - 1" fish, geez, well I don't know if this is out of the question, but could I POSSIBLY do up to 3" ? I mean, it might be a tiny cramp for them, but could it be done? I would like shrimp, they're cool.

Dwarf puffers, which type of water do they live in, fresh, brack, salt? I wouldn't mind having a couple of those, and about the Ottocyclist, are you saying they can be with the puffers or are you saying its just a totally different fish I could do by itself?

- Green neon tetra
-Celestial pearl danio

Got it, what about rosy barbs or something in the 1" category?
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@Chesh - Darn you, just had to throw a curve ball saying if I was interested in doing a Paledarium, now I can't get it out of my head!

I'd be ok with doing a couple awesome critters in my tank, yeah, I'm ok with it.

I don't want to do a local biotope, meh. Not interesting.

Well I need to do arctic, or really close arctic as I can, I'll do more research and even get a book from the library if I have to

Also, I guess I'm not going to be doing a true biotope to one specific habitat, but the GENERAL habitat to all arctic in freshwater...... I would like to have a community

Lastly, I don't know if you guys would hate me or something, but I'm at my LPS and they do mostly fish, she said she has a 10gal and I could definitely do 3" fish and possibly stock up to 5 of them
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