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Larger tanks( 75+) look great heavily stocked. Not my thing, but for display it really makes an impact.

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important word of the day is overstocking...
the word itself is a word defined by each individual.
person one says that is over stocked...
person two says its heavily stocked but perfectly maintainable...
and person three says "where are all the fish? let's put 50 more cichlids in that 10 gallon tank!" even though it already has 50 in it.

we can argue overstocking all day, but it is in each persons opinion. by that standpoint, there are lots of overstocked aquariums.
by the fish's standpoint, if it's comfortable for them and none are stressed out, it is obviously "not" overstocked.
i know people will argue this, but i think they will be arguing their opinion, not the standpoint of the fish.
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Having experience with the specific species you intend to keep goes a long way to your capacity to overstock.

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Originally Posted by jaysee View Post
Having experience with the specific species you intend to keep goes a long way to your capacity to overstock.

That too , yes . I find learning everything you can about each species helps maybe even more . Learning where they are from , why they do things they do and the general "why" to their behavior . That all helps a great deal with my overstocking . And u don't mean a quick google on fish , I mean break open a book written by experts. True full blown research on top of experience is an excellent starting point to overstocking . I psychoanalyze people so why not fish too? It's in my nature and I'm good at it.. This analyzation of the fish you keep can further your ability to have great success as an aquarist .

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