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Interesting experiment. How's it going?

FWIW I disagree with your observation that whatever is going on is bacterial. To me it is bacterial and plant action.

my .02

maintain Fw and marine system with a strong emphasis on balanced, stabilized system that as much as possible are self substaning.

have maintained FW systems for up to 9 years with descendants from original fish and marine aquariums for up to 8 years.

With no water changes, untreated tap water, inexpensive lighting by first starting the tank with live plants (FW) or macro algae( marine)

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Chemical filtration has nothing to do with detoxifying the water of ammonia and nitrite, unless it's left in there for so long that beneficial bacteria colonizes it. Which it will do.

Problems maintaining a steady pH are probably due to your water change schedule.

Your assessment of why people do things now is no different than the reason people did things then.

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the tank is going well, still 90% research, made harder as it explores avenues not talked about, or topics that the hobby has overrun with it's own propaganda

well, bacterial as much as breaking down things and making nutrients available for plants, reducing ammonia to nitrates for plants, etc.

i'm missing a huge area in the food chain that would really help things. one day, just not today, too many hungry mouths to feed in the tank would decimate live food cultures in the tank


my water PH, ... is very stable working on bringing it to where i want it, but it's stable.
when it was 6.5 i wanted it to be higher, i was doing stuff to intentionally raise it higher, and the tank resisted me for months, right now the only shift it's got is plants are slowly consuming nutrients in the water column that are affecting the PH, it's stable, very very stable.

i have no chemical filters, not purchased, just bacterial activity

the reasons people do things now vs. then, ... mostly marketing, that's always been the same, ... marketing seems to trump stability and understanding a system

my water change schedule, ... i don't have one, i don't change the water, i just add to it.
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[5:50:26 PM] Cory Leed: OK...I've been trying to resist, but I'm bored. My being bored leads to bad things like me asking the following question. What propaganda?

Potassium compounds are very simple to find. I use them. Have I fallen for the propaganda? Is the pH UP the propaganda? Everything is propaganda?

There is some actual marketing and propaganda in the hobby, but I think you are going a more than a bit overboard in listing everything you consider new fangled to be useless. It's especially confusing since you're using pH UP which I would never recommend.
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